The group of companies

Akcurate GmbH is part of a medium-sized group of companies specializing in the manufacture of high-speed measuring and milling machines.

German headquarters with service hubs in the USA, Mexico and China

60 dedicated employees

Self-made components in the required quality and time


We are a dynamic company on the road to success in the field of special machine construction measuring technology – specialized in production plants for series-accompanying measuring and are looking for immediately or prospectively motivated skilled personnel from the following areas:

Please send your application documents to:

akcurate GmbH
Siekweg 12
37124 Rosdorf

or by mail to:

Company expansion

On May 10, 2019, the start of construction of our new factory building in Rosdorf in the Siekanger Mitte industrial park was celebrated. By mid-2020, a state-of-the-art, fully temperature-controlled building with around 6500 m² of manufacturing and office space will be constructed there, providing space for 120 employees. New building, building complex consisting of single-story assembly hall with storage areas, machining, foreman’s offices and measuring room as well as adjoining three-story administration wing with offices, conference areas and social rooms. Outdoor facilities with employee parking and access and delivery for production. In addition to the architectural and functional solutions, the construction of the building to KFW 40 standard is an essential aspect of the design and energy concept. This is essentially achieved with the following efficiency modules:

The new company building at Siekweg 12

  • Cascade heat pump system consisting of 5 heat pumps for heating and cooling including an additional free cooling for the cold days of the year.
  • Ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Compressed air generation system with heat recovery
  • Photovoltaic plant with 100 kWp
  • Concrete core activation of the ceilings and floors
  • Green roofs to improve summer thermal insulation