akcurate GmbH

With our solutions, we are setting new standards in the progress of metrology.

Our slogan

Not just measure, but also lay out the complete measuring solution.

Our ambition

Develop and produce, innovative and optimal systems for each individual measurement tasks our customers evolve and create.

Our measuring machines

Akcurate GmbH develops and builds measuring machines with 3 to 6 axes. We use hibrid sensor heads to measure workpieces in diferent sizes and surfaces: from headlights to the whole car body. We are specialized in sunroof systems, headlights, press shop sheet metal parts, aerospace milling parts, industrial glass and industrial optics.

Speed is our special competence

With our machines we are the undisputed record beholder in terms of measuring speed and total cycle time. Highly dynamic kinematics ensure that the required performance is achieved, which simultaneously moves all axes.

We generally design our systems for the highest possible speed. We integrate an automated feeding system, an optimized measuring system and a specifically designed measuring machine into one system.

Up to now common measuring times of 20 minutes can be measured with our systems in the 50-seconds-Takt, including the times for loading and unloading. For the measurement of complex components with approximately 250 measuring characteristics we assume a processing time of 5 to 7 minutes.

Sophisticated surfaces

With the adaptive optical measuring sensors and tactile measuring probes we use, measuring tasks on very different surfaces can be mastered. We are specialists for measuring on surfaces such as glass, transparent or glossy plastic or oily sheet metal parts.

Measuring and aligning in a machine

In addition, Akcurate GmbH develops and manufactures machines and systems for the automatic measurement and alignment of sunroof systems in the manufacturing process.

For the complex alignment, we have developed an algorithm and optimized it over many years. This initializes itself and adapts continuously and fully automatically to changes in the workpieces and environmental conditions.

Special machine and equipment construction

In addition to measuring machines, we also realize projects in special purpose machinery and equipment construction and in the field of quality assurance and quality control for well-known customers.

Complete solutions from a single source

An essential prerequisite for the production of optimally adapted solutions is the almost completely realized depth of production: In addition to mechanics and electrics, the software is also created by Akcurate GmbH:

An in-house software team of 10 developers creates our measuring software as well as specialized applications for the three-dimensional calibration and compensation of 6-axis machines.

Since 2010 we manufacture our turned and milled parts ourselves.

With the modern CNC 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers and lathes as well as with conventional production technology, our sister company Kirschmechanik GmbH produces almost all of the cutting components themselves. This enables us to achieve the required quality and high delivery speed for mechanical components.

Delivering to several continents

Meanwhile over 50 employees work for the success of our customers in Germany and abroad. Our machines are used in many European countries, in the USA, in Mexico and in China.

By the way... looking for team reinforcement

As a dynamic and innovative company on the road to success we are always looking for motivated specialists, chippers, technology enthusiasts, design engineers, software developers and people with creative ideas. All those who are in the mood for something new and would like to work across disciplines.